Other Documents

MacDermid Presentation on Roughness Measurement

This presentation was given by John Marshall, MacDermid to the project team on Aug 13, 2015. It helps to explain the various roughness measurment units and which ones are best for oxide alternative treatments.


WUS Post Etch Punch Fiducial/Targets

This file contains a picture of the border files from WUS. They show the post etch punch targets. Suppliers should be able to distinguish and verify dimensions for the different sets of fiducials, the PEP fiducials are in the 4 corners inside of the solid squares. 

Fab Print notes calling out HVLP Copper foil

This file contains the modified fab Prints that calls out the specific copper to be used in the TV build. Please use this when sending out the Gerber data and stack-up etc.

Smooth Cu Signal Integrity TV Gerbers

This file contains the Gerber data for the Smooth Cu SI test vehicle posted Aug 18, 2015

TV coupon panel layout

This file shows the coupon layout for the TV

TV Stack-up construction data

Thsi file contains the stack-up drawing for the Smooth Cu Si TV

TV Board Design drawing

This file contains the design drawing for building the Smooth Cu Si test vehicle, including the call out for 1 oz. HVLP Furukawa foil.

PCB Manufacturing influence on Signal Loss-PCB West 2011