Process Sensitive Components

This project is intended to compile and publish an industry guideline document on recommended practices for the treatment of temperature sensitive components (TSC). This guideline will include inputs from IC component, non-IC component, and connector suppliers as well as OEM users and Contract Manufacturers. This document will also identify Best Practices for assembling process sensitive components, along with other component process sensitities.

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 •Original Equipment Manufacturers
–require detailed temperature sensitivity data from all component suppliers
–maintain internal database of TSC for internal design
 -demand adherence to temperature limitations dictated by J-STD-020 and J-STD-075 from Contract Manufacturers and ODM suppliers

Contract Manufacturers

–maintain internal database of temperature sensitive components (using supplier p/n’s) with associated temperature constraints
–screen for TSC usage in routine DFM reviews of all card Bills of Materials
–establish reflow profiling practices to fully characterize TSC exposures in both IC and non-IC components

Component Suppliers
– screen for temperature robust materials early in product development cycle

• temperature sensitivity should not be simply an after-the-fact product characterization
– provide compliant pin versions of larger, temperature sensitive product offerings (e.g., electrolytic caps)
– measure process temperature degradation as a function of peak temperature and duration of exposure.
• max. temperature limit at different exposure intervals (e.g,~secs, 30, 60, 120 min)
– quantify reliability and/or performance impacts of elevated assembly process temperatures
• acceptable level of degradation depends on tolerance limits of the device and/or application.

Raw Material Suppliers
– optimize materials for maximum moisture resistance and temperature robustness


Current industry standards and practices do not adequately address issues surrounding process sensitve components, and industry diligence is perceived to be lax.

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 Publish Industry Guideline for Process Sensitive Components.

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