HDP User Group Announces New High Frequency Measurement Project

Cave Creek, Arizona November 10, 2016. The High Density Packaging (HDP) User GroupheadquarteredintheUnitedStatesispleasedtoannounceanewprojectthat willfocusonunderstandingtheimpactofmoistureonHighFrequencyMeasurements of printed circuit boardmaterial.

Aselectronicproductsincreaseinfunctionalityandinterconnectspeedsapproach40 GB/sec, the need to measure substrate material performance becomes increasingly important anddemanding.

Thisisthethirdprojectinthisseries.Phaseonereviewedandcomparedthedifferent types of high frequency test measurements that are used in the industry for measuringDielectricConstant(Dk)andDissapationfactor(Df)athigherfrequencies. Moisture content was identified as a significant factor in thetesting.

Phase 2 was initiated to establish a test protocol for the accurate measurement of Dk, Df, and weight gain. Weight gain is used to measure moisture content. The objective of Phase 2 was only to establish a test protocol to accurately measure weight to 4 decimal places.

Now that the measurement protocol has been verified, Phase 3 of this project proposes to evaluate the effect of moisture on each of the high frequency Dk andDf test methods. During the testing and analysis of the earlier phases of this project, it was determined that differences in moisture content were found to contribute up to a20percentdifferenceinthemeasuredDfvaluesofsomelaminatematerialstested. Phase 3 will use several laminates. Some low Df, some mid Df, and some highDf

Please contact Jack Fisher at fish5er@hdpug.org to be added to project notification list and participation in this investigation. You will be informed of the next project call, tentatively to be held in early November.

About HDP User Group

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