Military Halogen Free Laminate Evaluation

HDP has completed several projects evaluating lead free laminates using general commercial specifications and criteria. This project will evaluate PCB laminate materials using military/aerospace specifications and criteria.

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Idea Information


  • Materials used in Electronic Products are getting more and more scrutiny by government agencies around the globe (RoHS, REACH, CA Prop 65 etc)
  • Many OEMs are moving selected products to Low-Halogen Materials for a variety of reasons
    • Social Responsibility
    • Potential Legislation
    • NGO pressure
    • Requirements for Government Procurements (EPEAT)

  • To date numerous Halogen-Free / Low-Halogen projects have been run by various consortia including iNEMI and HDP Users Group focus on the following:
    • Consumer Electronics (phones, laptops, desktops etc)
    • Pb-free Assembly Reliability
    • High Reliability Applications (servers etc)
    • High Speed / Low Loss Applications
  • To date no one has addressed the reliability requirements for the military / aerospace industry

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