High Frequency Measurements Phase 3

Particiapnts in this project will  evaluate the effect of moisture on each of the high frequency Dk and Df test methods. During the testing and analysis of the earlier phases of this project, it was determined that there were strong Dk and Df data correlations between high frequency test methods that were of the same type (Z-direction, Trace, and In-plane). However, differences in moisture content were found to contribute up to a 20 percent difference in the measured Df values of some laminate materials tested.


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This is the third project in this series. Phase one reviewed and compared the different types of high frequency test measurements that are used in the industry for measuring Dk and Df at higher frequencies. Moisture content was identified as a significant factor in the testing.


Phase 2 was initiated to establish a test protocol for the accurate measurement of Dk, Df, and weight gain. Phase 2 used a single laminate material to establish a protocol.



Phase 3 will compare the results of the different test methods on test boards of varying moisture content at high frequency. The plan is to test 4 or 5 different laminate materials that have been identified to absorb moisture.


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Effects of moisture on each of the many higher speed electrical test methods is not well known, and the results of this testing would help OEMs and the industry design boards that operate at higher frequencies more reliably.







High Frequency Measurements Phase 3 is a study to measure the impact of moisture content on the laminate characteristics of Df and Dk. Laminates wil be subjected to controlled amounts of moisture and Dk and Df will be measured using several industry accepted test methods. Meaqsurements will be taken in a labratory environment minimizing the effects if any, of outside influences.

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Elite Material Co. EMC
Hitachi Chemical
Isola Group
Keysight Technologies