High Frequency Flex minutes-082715

Minutes of Aug 27, 2015 Meeting
(10:00 AM Central)


Project Leader:  Geoffrey Hazelett, Polar Instruments.


Project Facilitator:    John Davignon, HDP


Present on the call:


Martyn Gaudion, Polar (Lead)

Joe Smetana, Alcatel-Lucent

Glenn Oliver, DuPont

John Davignon, HDP

Neil Chamberlain, Polar

Geoffrey Hazelett, Polar


Next Meeting:  Sep 24, 2015 @ 10 AM CT


Next Meeting Agenda:


·         Continue to fill in our missing gaps and close on all open resource issues.

Action items:

·         Neil will do some coupon designs to present to the team.

·         Neil can work with someone who has a CAM station to help panelize the coupons.

·         Farah can do the panelization, all he needs is the Gerber files.

·         Neil and Farah will work together to get the CAM and Gerber files completed.  Thank you both.

·         Glenn Oliver will write up the basis for using thick laminate for testing- COMPLETED

·         Glenn Oliver will speak with TTM to find a second source fabricator -COMPLETED 



 Although, the Team voted to go to Implementation at the BOD meeting in Sept, we have several open gaps that need to be closed before we can propose our move. The team re-voted to suspend the move to Implementations until we have these gaps filled.


Martyn Gaudion, CEO of Polar will assume the project lead position from Geoffrey.  Thank you Geoffrey for your help and support to get us this far. Neil Chamberlain and Geoffrey Hazelett will still be supporting the project from a technical focus.


Joe said that the team is open to the alternatives in polyimides but we would like to use DuPont and Panasonic in our build.


Copper loss goes up with thinner traces and thinner laminate. This is not the direction that the team wants to go.  The team voted to continue with the 50 and 100 um thick laminates.  They are Ok with adding a thinner (38 um) TV in addition to these thicknesses if M-Flex wants to pursue this thickness.


Glenn will write a paragraph to explain and support why we need to use thick laminates. Glenn has completed this action items and it is posted to our Webpage as well as attached to these minutes.


Glenn will talk to Nick Koop at TTM to see if he can be a second source of panels for us. Glenn has spoken to Nick and he will support us in building a set of panels.


The stack-up has both laminate thicknesses in the same design (50 & 100 um laminate).  The best outcome would be to use this stack-up and flip the laminates to get another panel with a different microstrip design. 


We need to get the laminate described at the Sept meeting with Neil/Glenn/Tony


We can use the MRT 6 design which has the SPP coupon design. We have all the data we need to make the coupon but need to panelize and cross hatch.

S3 coupons should be at least 6" long.  (Glenn said you can use 4" but it is noisy)


Need someone to panelize the coupons and put the crosshatching onto the coupons.


The team decided we would need about 10 panels for each build.


Next Meeting:  Sept 24, 2015 @ 10AM CT