Halogen-Free Materials Database

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Isola Group

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Materials that are low halogens are becomming more and more needed as governments create new regulations for all forms of electronic equipment. New materials are being developed, but it is difficult for potential users to find information on the materials and their properties.


There is no on-line searchable industry database that contains specific information about halogen free material attributes. Materials include cases, connectors, PCB's and cables. OEM's, designers and suppliers need a entral location where they can find specific attribute data from the material supplier

Definition Information


The approach for the first phase of this project is to take one of the areas where low halogen material alternatives are needed and use it as a model to develop the attribute list, characteristics and software applications so that the industry can see how the process works. PCB materials was selected as the model. If this phase is successful additional areas like cases or connectors will be added.

Project Overview Presentation May, 2010


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