Benefits of HDP User Group Membership

HDP (High Density Packaging) User Group International, Inc. is a non-profit trade organization incorporated in the State of Arizona, USA that offers memberships to companies involved in the supply chain of producing products that utilize high-density electronic packages.

Below are the general benefits that members receive and some specific benefits. The specific benefits are described in a Return on Investment (ROI) format with actual and projected expenditures of HDP User Group to do a project compared with a company doing the project internally with resources.

The Strengths of HDP User Group

The HDP User Group organization has some clear strengths in the niches we have chosen as identified by our project focus. These are the following:

  • Membership includes system integrators, contract assemblers, and the electronic supply chain.
  • The membership is focused on the computer and telecommunications industries, which share the same needs.
  • Our current members are the leaders in these two industries and their supply chains.
  • By working together we have developed a proven effective workingrelationship and have completed over 21 projects.
  • Our members are the leaders in the use of technologies needed for advanced products such as lead-free, CSP, and flip chip.
  • The membership is international in scope with members in Europe, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, and USA, which is required in today’s global marketplace.
  • We have good working relationships with other organizations in the field, such as National Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (NEMI), Semiconductor Equipment and Material International (SEMI) and others. We work to avoid duplication of effort, such as in the pursuit of a lead-free solution.
  • Good interaction with members who all have access to a password protected website with project information databases.
  • HDP User Group worked with the Global Environmental Coordination Initiative Network (GECI). GECI is a network consisting of 9 major organizations with the mission of coordinating and facilitating a global transition to lead-free electronics based on market and legislative requirements. Managing this task will enable HDP User Group to influence the supply chain and speed up the creation of much needed standards documents
  • Interaction with universities. We are currently working with UCLA, Purdue, and the Shibaura Institute of Technology in Japan.

General Benefits of Membership

There are many benefits for members that actively participate in the HDP User Group projects.

Participation helps the individuals as follows:

  • Project leaders develop project management skills in organizing and leading the projects.
  • Individuals participating learn from each other outside their own company range of workers and are exposed to the decisions involved in doing the project.
  • Individuals are exposed to advanced technologies and trends not otherwise seen in their daily work.

Participation helps the companies as follows:

  • Risks of introducing new technologies are shared with others. Rather than fund an investigation or study within the company, the member can take that study to the HDP User Group and share the costs.
  • More than sharing costs, exposure to other members in the same industry brings more diverse technical support into play for the study than if it were confined to company members. It is as if you had an outside consultant involved with the study.
  • The projects have typically been broader in scope than any single member company would have taken on, resulting in more information gained. The current Lead-Free Soldering Reliability Characterization Project is an example.

Specific Benefits of Membership: A Case Study

HDP User Group enlists a project team of individuals who volunteer from the member companies to investigate a subject important to at least four members. The work on the project is done by these individuals, representing the member companies, using company resources as available (work in kind). When resources are not available, HDP will fund outside companies to provide the work. This is most often, but not confined to, thermal cycling and board procurement.

If a company wanted to conduct the same investigation or study, they would use company resources of manpower and expenses.

Following is a ROI (Return on Investment) example with actual and projected HDP expenditures to fund outside services for projects, as well as time/materials supplied by member companies for the 2-year period of 07/2000-06/2002. This is compared to the estimated costs to the member companies to internally fund/drive similar projects.

Projects Involved:

Power Cycling/Temperature Cycling Correlation Lead Free Assembly
Flip Chip Reliability Characterization Definition Lead Free/Halide Free
Lead Free Soldering Halide Free Requirements
Low Temperature Lead Free Soldering Optimization Lead Free Process
Wafer Scale CSP Reliability  
Advanced Flip Chip  
Optical Workgroup  

A. Resources used by a typical Member Company to gain results of all the HDP Projects listed above:

Board Design


Board Procurement


Thermal Cycling




Failure Analysis


In Kind Contribution for above

$30,000 (ave. est.)

Staffing Project (4 man mo.)


HDP User Group Dues (2 years)




B. Resources required by a non-HDP User Group Member Company to gain the results of the same HDP Projects listed above by doing the work “in house”:

Board Design


Board Procurement


Thermal Cycling




Failure Analysis


Staffing Project (14 man mo.)




Based on the above estimate, a member company realizes $628,000 in benefits for an expenditure of $97,000.

Leverage Through Cooperation

Customers and legislators are expected to demand electronic products to be environmentally compliant. These requirements are expected to become even more demanding in the future.

HDP User Group has members from the three major types of companies active in the market place that will affect environmental compliance. They are:

  • System Integrators
  • Contract Assembly Manufacturers
  • Supply chain (Components and Printed wiring boards)

HDP User Group is an international non-profit organization with members in most regions. The Group has good relations with several major organizations focused on areas complementary to HDP User Group positioning.