Become a Member

Am I qualified to Join HDP User Group?

You must be active in the electronic packaging area in any or several of the following areas:

System Integrator
Assembly House
Component Supplier
Packaging Supplier
Equipment Supplier
Material Supplier

Am I committed?

It is important for the success of the mission to have committed members. The membership dues are used to supplement project team costs to complete projects and for the central administration.

Projects are conducted by volunteers from the company membership. You must thus be prepared to participate in project work. In fact, most members say that participation in the projects is the most value they receive from membership.

What will it cost?

There are several options depending the degree of involvement desired and the profile of the company: [Download Application Form] (PDF 22KB)

Yearly Corporate Revenue
Corporate Memberships
Plus Seat on Board of Directors
Over $50 Million USD
$17,000 USD Annually
$27,000 USD Annually
Under $50 Million USD
$8,500 USD Annually
$18,500 USD Annually

Contact us for with your questions.

For general or management questions, or membership information,

Contact Marshall Andrews, Executive Director:

Phone  512-258-0332
Cell Phone: 512-947-5088
Email Address: Click to email Marshall

For administrative information,

Contact Darryl Reiner, General Manager at Headquarters in USA

Phone at (480) 951-1963
Cell phone: (623) 680-4907
FAX at (480) 951-1107

Email Address: Click to email Darry

In Europe, For general questions or membership information,

Contact Alun Morgan, Project Facilitator, European Representative

Broomrigg House, Dollar,
Clackmannanshire. FK14 7PT.
United Kingdom
Phone:  +44 1259 742703
Cell:  + 44 7836 219743 

Email Address: Click to email Alun

In the Far East, For information,

Contact Jack Tan, Project Facilitator, Asia Representative 

121 Telok Kurau Lorong K #03-01
Singapore 425762
Phone:  +65 63445943
Cell:  +65 90031080

Email: Click to email Jack

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Must the membership dues be paid for the whole year?

A: No, there are several options. The membership dues can be paid in one, two or four installments over the fiscal year (12 months). Check the Membership Application Form for information regarding the options.

Q: How do I pay the first time?

A: There are two options:

1. Fill in and send a Membership Application Form to the Headquarters. Check Membership Application Form for instructions. You will be invoiced.

2. Send a Purchase Order to the Headquarters indicating the type of membership wanted.