About Us

HDP User Group is a non-profit trade organization that offers memberships to companies involved in the supply chain of producing products that utilize high-density electronic packages. HDP refers to "High Density Packaging".



The Mission of HDP User Group International Inc. is to reduce the costs and risks for the Electronics industries when utilizing electronic packaging.

This is done by improving cooperation between system integrators, contract assembly manufacturers, and suppliers in the high-density packaging development and design process, using member resources, supplemented by a small staff. The activities are run in a domain where members can gain much more by joint activities rather than duplicating work in each member company.

The HDP User Group Focus

High Density Packaging User Group is focused on the characterization and reliability of electronic assemblies and sub-assemblies.  As technology progresses, new materials and new processes are being developed, and new requirements such as environmentally clean products are affecting how we build our electronic assemblies. It is in the interest of all parties that products built with these new materials and processes be reliable and cost effective.  HDP User Group runs projects that evaluate and understand the effects of material and process change.

Recently, lead free materials and assembly, and halogen free printed wiring boards and components have been a major focus.  Work continues in those areas, because there is still much to learn, but we are also looking at issues such as packaging for portable applications and fine pitch assembly.

HDP User Group is a member driven organization.  Our members decide what technical areas we pursue and what issues we investigate.  They will keep us focused on the most important issues affecting the electronics manufacturing industry.