BFR/PVC Free Cables 2

This project is a follow on project to the PVC Free 1 project completed in 2011.

In project 1 we used the current industry specifications, they are for materials that do contain PVC. For this project we are considering modifying the current specifications or developing new specifications for non-PVC containing materials.

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Idea Information

The first PVC Free project built and tested 5 different cable types with non-PVC materials but used the current PVC Free material specification as a yardstick. The results were mixed and a final report was published and is available on the HDP webpage

As a follow on project the team is considering a lesser number of cable types and is planning to involve Underwriters Laboratory in the project development, particularly in the development of performance criteria for non-PVC containing cables.

There are no cable industry trade organizations that create and distribute specifications for the industry


Additionally there is a question of Halogen Free only or Low Smoke Halogen Free criteria that needs to be answered before proceeding into the definition stage.

The world wide cable standards organizations are not necessarily in agreement on criteria or change mechanism/procedures.

Definition Information

Goals / Benefits: 
 1.  To determine the gaps in UL Standards for compliance , between PVC compounds and non-PVC alternatives for like applications
2.  Co-ordinate with UL the establishment of acceptable requirements for non-PVC alternatives
3.  Establish performance requirements for low smoke, halogen free characteristics of non-PVC alternatives. These requirements could be incorporated in UL Standards as optional requirements with appropriate designations or indicated on OEM cable specifications as requirements

4.  It is the intention of this Project to provide the basis of unifying the current Global Standards into one comprehensive document that will serve as the definition for PVC free cables. The outcome will be environmentally friendly cables that will be universally accepted and specified by OEM,s for use in their associated products.

High level objectives: 
Identify applicable cable types

Get a UL representitive on the project team

Identify specifications to be modified/created

Build cables and test to new criteria

Key Participants: 
Hitachi Chemical
Isola Group