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The project will define the optimum Protocols for forward and backward traceability that provide built-in integrity to transactions throughout the electronics supply chain, evaluate the technologies that support those protocols and conduct a multi-link test to confirm applicability and effectiveness of the selected protocols and technologies.

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Counterfeit components and ingredients can and do penetrate the supply chains of all manufacturing industries, including High Density Packaging. Reports of counterfeit items penetrating military, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and electronic markets are receiving more attention in the press which is raising public concern and government regulatory agencies are investigating the issues. Standards such as SAE AS5553 are emerging to help industry address some of the counterfeiting issues and concerns. Currently however there is no agreed method of data exchange between hi-tech companies to support or facilitate product traceability or authentication, which is a key requirement in the fight against counterfeit. The aim of this project is to build on the work of existing standards such as Semi T20, GS-1 and IPC-175X to define a data exchange protocol and enable Track and Trace of products as they move through the supply chain. Existing and emerging Technologies that support those protocols will be evaluated and a multi-link test carried out to confirm the applicability of those protocols and technologies.



Present Standards do not adequately address tracability needs for manufactured components.

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The project consists of three phases.

Phase 1 - Define the Data sharing protocols between linked nodes on the supply chain that enables and supports the integrity & traceability of product between those nodes.

This phase will examine what data is required to be exchanged between companies to enable product traceability and ensure supply chain integrity. It will examine existing standards such as IPC-175X or Semi T20 and building on those the team will create a protocol for forward and backward product traceability between nodes in the supply chain.

Phase 2 - Evaluate and compare the existing and emerging technologies for product authentication and traceability throughout the electronics supply chain that support those protocols, their applicability and effectiveness at all stages.

This phase will identify and assess the existing and emerging Technologies used for Product authentication and traceability, their applicability at the different stages of the supply chain, their cost effectiveness and rank those technologies in terms of effectiveness and future-proofing.

Phase 3- Identify the optimum future product Screening practices required to identify counterfeit product where various levels of latest authentication technology is utilised, based on a multi-link test of selected protocols & technologies.

This phase will address the future screening requirements of current and emerging technologies and conduct a multi-link test of selected technologies to evaluate their effectiveness and applicability.


Best Practices In The Fight Against Global Counterfeiting_ANSI: 581 KB Adobe PDF.
National Defense Authorization Act, 2012: 4,828 KB Adobe PDF.
Counterfeit Components-Assesment Methodology and Metric Dev_iNEMI: 353 KB PowerPoint Doc.
SEMI T-20-0710 (Overview): Word Doc. 19 KB
Defense Industrial Base Assessment: Counterfeit Electronics_U.S. Department of Commerse: Adobe PDF. 860 KB
Counterfeit Electronics And The China Connection: Adobe PDF. 514 KB


Anti-Counterfeit Program, Sept 21st, 2011, Colm Nolan, IBM Misbranded Program Manager: PowerPoint 1,591 KB
Counterfeiting Electronics_Dave Brown_Intel: Adobe PDF 1,820 KB
Identity Management Standards for product lifecycle of electronic Parts_Yaw Obeng_NIST: PowerPoint 3,374 KB
Toward Authentication in the Electronics Supply Chain_Yaw Obeng_NIST: Adobe PDF 2076 KB
Counterfeit and Authenticity Verification_David Loany_Premier Semiconductor: Adobe PDF 2588KB
Proactive Anti-counterfeiting Efforts 2011_Yaw Obeng_NIST: Adobe PDF 3,611 KB
NASPO Standards Actions Update_Dave Brown_INTEL: PowerPoint 1,780 KB
Counterfeit Project Proposals_Colm Nolan_February 2012: PowerPoint 816KB
YottaMark Presentation: Adobe PDF. 2 MB

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