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Completed Projects

Pad Cratering project just completed - Spherical Bend Test Device.


Attendees at HDP User Group's annual Fall member meeting September 2016 hosted by Kyzen.


Assembled Mini-Power Cycle Test Vehicle.

Industry Out-Reach

Industry wide webinar on latest findings for tin whiskers in electronics held by HDP User Group and co-sponsored by EIPC, IPC, SMTA, and SEMI.

HDP Announces a New Project Electro-Chemical Migration 2

This is the next phase of the very successful ECM – 1 project which demonstrated the ability of the test vehicle to identify Pitting/Crevice type corrosion in the presence of no-clean flux residues.  The aim of this portion of the project is to improve the design of the current Test Vehicle and subsequently verify the existence of Pitting/Crevice type corrosion using multiple suppliers’ fluxes and multiple types of fluxes.

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HDP is a project oriented consortium dedicated to improving cooperation of all levels of the electronic packaging supply chain including system integrators, contract assembly manufacturers, and suppliers. Collaborative projects are run in a domain where members can gain much more by joint activities rather than duplicating work in each member company. Members share resources and are supplemented by a small project facilitation staff.

“The mission of HDP User Group International Inc. is to reduce the costs and risks for the electronics industries when employing the use of electronic packaging.”


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